Hello and thank you for visiting my website. I hope you will read my hiking stories on my blog, Debdays.wordpress.com. Check out the book I have published “Deception: Response to my Secret Christian Gay Spouse”. Another book, “Remarkable Journey: Breast Implant Illness and Cancer” will be published September 2020. Feel free to leave comments as I enjoy reading your stories.  Sharing your stories of hiking, traveling, deception and cancer and writing show us how much we have in common.

Coming This Fall

My latest book, Remarkable Journey, will be released in print and Kindle versions by October 2020. It describes my battle with cancer and eventual recovery from a little known and rarely diagnosed disease called Breast Implant Illness. In this book, I document my journey of more than thirty years which brought physical, emotional, and spiritual healing after suffering a myriad of symptoms that various doctors did not understand.

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