How much do I love you dog? Let me count the dollars….

Some stories about my dogs because I am becoming a Foster Mom to Brittanys.

Dusty in his later years

My 11 year old Brittany, Dusty, became blind 2 years before he died.  He adapted well and his sense of smell has become very intense.  I had to put childproof locks on all my cabinets:  under the sink where there is a garbage can, the corner cabinet with the wonderful smelly spices, and of course the pantry where the food calls his name, even if it is uncooked and dry pasta or rice.

He and his buddy, my 13 year old beagle, had become very enthralled with the bathroom trash and toilet paper.  When I forgot to lock them out of bathroom access, the toilet paper has been chewed off one end and me and my guests had only a 3 inches wide strip to complete our duties.  They also liked to turn out the bathroom trash and eat or play with the Q-tips, dirty Kleenex and anything else that smells remotely interesting.  As one guest said, “they must be really bored.”  I think they are just being dogs.  I am Fostering two Brittanys June 12, 2011.


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