Fleas? Fantastic!

Brittany Foster Mom.  My new identity.  I picked up Shiloh and Abby in Denver after their trip across Nebraska over four days.  I had apprehension about seeing these beautiful girls.  They are what we call “owner Surrender” when the original owner can no longer keep their dogs.  This one was because of divorce.  How could they do t

First Foster Family - Sisters

his?  I say how could they not?  The loss of a marriage, disruption to children and then to give up your dogs.  Yikes!  My past pain feels their current pain.  “Comfort one another with the comfort with which you have been comforted.”  I Cor 1.  The dogs reflected the trauma of their last few weeks, jumping up on me, staying close, and have lost weight.  They are so sweet, needy, fearful and hungry.  When they finally ran around outside, calmed down inside,  and drank some water, Abb

y went to sleep with her butt against my leg.  Shiloh was next, sleeping against my other leg as I sat quietly on the floor  They finally relaxed.
My job is to find out about these dogs – how they connect with people, children and other dogs.  Tomorrow – a hike is in order, but they are pullers I think. I have quarantined them from friends/animals/babies for a few days while they settle in.  We want them to be adopted together so I may have them longer than the normal 2 weeks.

I watched them chewing on themselves, felt their dirty hair and headed to Dollar General to get shampoo and flea treatments.  Water is not their favorite thing especially in the wind.  I have never heard a dog’s teeth chatter from chilled nerves, but it sounded like a rat-a-tat-a-tat from Abby.  They came inside after drying quickly in the heat of Colorado afternoons in the summer, and started biting themselves again.  Great – the fleas are now inside getting away from the dog’s flea treatment.  How long can the fleas

live inside?  Will they start biting me?  I am limiting the dogs to the living room/den for now until they stop the scratching.  Do fleas travel with me into my bed.  Itch Itch I hope not.


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