Reaching Hiking Goals

Incline at the Half Way Point Trail is line between us with parking lot at base

INCLINE.  Private Property -keep out.  Waiting for a parking spot at the bottom because there are so many people ignoring the sign on this one mile straight up stair climbing, butt buster in Manitou Springs, CO.  Pikes Peak and the Incline are two hikes that most of the hikers in Colorado Springs try to accomplish.  After 12 years here, a month of training on stairsteps, treadmill, weights, and ellipitcal , 3-6 mile hikes and I was ready.  Actually I was over-trained – but I am not sore at all tonight just tired.

It is a daunting look up a mountain with all the colors of the shirts on the backs on top of straining legs ahead of you.  A couple of dogs, some kids, and the youth running up and down.  Life of Colorado Springs at its best.

We had limited time so my friend and I only went half way and then back down Barr trail that takes hikers all the way up to Pikes Peak.  How fortunate we are to get up in the morning and climb a mountain!  My back was OK, the legs all worked, and the heart and lungs expand and pump air and blood as fast as they can at this altitude.  What a marvelous experience!  Looking back at Colorado Springs spread out before us and knowing that I finally achieved this goal with my friend to encourage me.

Do you ever fear something and then when you achieve it, you wonder “what was I afraid of?” Things seem very daunting and we make more of it in our mind that the actuality of it is.  I cannot remember all the times that I had fear about a new trail or hike, then when I do it, I cannot wait to do it again.  The Incline – alone or with friends.  I will be back.  What things are you afraid to try? Why?


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