Run. Lightening. Thunder

Coming Storm

Psalms 144: 5-6 Bow Thy heavens, O Lord, and come down; Touch the mountains, that they may smoke; Flash forth lightning and scatter them; Send out Thine arrows and confuse them. New American Standard (NAS)

Crackle. Bright Flashes. Run. God’s mighty power can be seen in nature above and on the mountains.  We are reminded of the sheer strength of nature to affect our lives by watching a snowstorm approach and then hide the mountain. Seeing lightening crackle and light up the peaks or even allowing for the aftermath of burned trees from old lightening strike humbles us.  In Cheyenne Canyon near Colorado Springs, I was out hiking on a trail when it started to get cloudy.    Since I had small children and inexperienced hikers with me, I told them to go down the trail FAST.  We scurried like animals down from the heights, staying away from trees and clinging to rocks as we scrambled down.  I stopped to teach them what to do if the lightening started before we arrived at the car as the thunder roared in our ears.  Crouch down, hug your knees, and stay away from trees especially if the hair on your arms or neck stands up.  Those instructions gave them the sense of urgency to basically run down the rest of the trail.  We jumped in the car as the storm hit. The three kids were in awe of the lightening flashing around the car as we drove down Gold Camp Road.  We were breathing hard, a little wet and thankful God’s protection allowed us to move on rubberized tires to safety.  


When was the last time you ran to the Lord for safety?



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