What goes up?

Be kind.  Give young people a chance.  Mentor.  Take the time to listen and give advice when asked.  Take their young energy and ideas.  Implement what ideas you can. Teach them why you can’t implement all their ideas.  Treat them with respect.  Acknowledge their contributions.

The last few weeks of  unemployment, I have reached out to those younger people who are now growing into fine professionals.  They are still working.  They remember me.  They give me ideas, recommendations, names and I am so grateful for their help,  support.

Now I am the “older” worker with a lot of good history, great work ethic, energy, great accomplishments and I have learned one thing.  Be kind on your way up, you will need those people someday.  “Do your work heartily as unto the Lord.  It is the Lord Jesus Christ whom you serve.”


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