HorseThief Park through New Eyes

“You shall go out with joy, and be led forth with peace.  And the mountains and the hills will break forth into song before you and the trees of the fields will clap their hands.” Isaiah 55:12

Can you do this for three hours?

Up Up Up to the Aspens.  Sniff, Sniff, Circle the tree.  Down  Down Down the mountain.  Jump across the trail.  Up the big rock.  No way to get down.  Back down the rock.  Jump to path.  Back into the bushes.  Get stuck.  Go back.  Jump the smaller bush.  Find the creek.  Jump it.  Investigate the Beaver Dam.  Back through the bush.  Where is the path?  Where are my people?  Up Up Up to the Aspens.  Repeat it all again.  

The two Brittany’s I am fostering had their first run in the Rocky Mountains and were mind-lost at the things to smell.  I would keep one on leash and let the other go for ten minutes, and then pray the running one would come back to me for water.  When they did return, they received water. and I let the other one run.  I did this for almost three hours.  And they never stopped wanting to run – even on leash.  They are 9 yrs old!

What a pleasure to see this beauty through new appreciative eyes! When you get to the log cabin remnant and the settlement ruins you cannot help but wonder, “what happened is this place?  Why did it get and keep the name, Horsethief Park?”

I realize how much I have learned about mountain hikes.  Pace yourself – oxygen is rare.  Make sure you are aware of the dangers.  Check in with your friends frequently.  Take plenty of water.  Rest and enjoy the beauty.  Don’t show your age.  Allow plenty of time to recover and sleep.

Be ready to go again and again and again.

When did you last exhaust yourself physically?  Do you sing with joy and clap your hands when you are excited?  What can you see through new eyes this week? 

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2 thoughts on “HorseThief Park through New Eyes

  1. I can see you and the two Brittanys out in the mountains. What fun memories you are storing up. I am enjoying reading your posts.

    1. Thanks for the comments. I have enjoyed writing the posts, and am now ready after a month to send it out to EVERYONE on my Facebook accounts and the emails. I am in the habit now. Thanks for the comments.

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