Brittany Kisses and Thunderstorms

Two Brittany Spaniel sisters came to be with me as a Foster Mom to prepare them for their “forever home”  I am greeted by Brittany kisses, paws and pleading hazel eyes every morning now.  They love to wake me up with paws on the bed and a quiet whine to let me know that it is time to go out for the morning constitution. At 5:30 am.  Or earlier.  Or whenever the mood and bladder coincide.

Please wake up.

Since it is Colorado and we have had no rain for months, I was not prepared for a  thunderstorm induced panic attack by the Brittany girls.  Each sound elicited a new cry of terror and desire for escape.  On my shirt, up my leg, on my couch (a no, no) and finally into the garage where it is dark and quieter.  Maybe the open windows were not a good idea.  Kisses and hugs were prevalent in the last 15 minutes as the rain poured from the noisy sky.

If I hide will the thunder find me?

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