Wildflowers and Changes

So teach me to number my days that I may present to Thee a heart of wisdom….Psalms 90:12

Change.  Everyday and every year.  Three years ago I planted a wildflower garden in a dead patch of grass in front of the house.  I added soil, seed and peat mulch.  Stamped down the seeds with a friend and watered it.  For three years I have had a continuous change in flowers and vision outside of my windows.  The first year was the tall 5 to 8 foot sunflowers.  There were colorful zinnias at their base and a few other flowers.  The neighbors would stop and see the changing display over the fence.  A delight.

Zinnias and Bachelor Buttons

In the fall I would cut down the tall stalks, rub the seeds between my hands, and cover it all with mulch for the winter.  The second year I had yarrow, a lupine,  giant coreopsis and bachelor button’s throughout the rocks.  The hollyhocks finally grew and there were a few left over sunflowers.  I repeated the fall process of seeding, stalks, and no mulch throughout to see what would survive.  There were no zinnias this year.

Coreopsis and Bachelor Buttons
Wild Lupine

Year 3 the lupines have exploded, some yellow flower that I do not recognize and the holly hocks in four different colors.  The sunflowers are only about 6 inches tall in July and I wonder if any of the bachelor buttons will even come back this year.  It has a brilliant sunny look about it, and I love to just wander through the changes.

My life has changed each day and each summer as well.  Employment and unemployment.  Visitors and aloneness.  Roommates and no roommates.  Dogs and no dogs.  Change is the one constant and I am reminded of life’s changes every time I look out my kitchen window.

What changes are you experiencing this summer?  Who is still in your life and who is gone?  What do you do to keep people in your life? How do you let them go?

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