Hiking Buddies

Nahum 1:15 “Behold, on the mountains the feet of him who brings good news, who announces peace!” New American Standard (NAS)

 Hiking buddies are precious friends who are always up for a walk with you.  It can be those who are more adventurous and like the unknown.  Sometimes you are the leader and sometimes they are.   I have hiked miles with one friend, Gaye.  She introduced me to the Front Range of Colorado hikes around Colorado Springs.  I had moved from Texas and she shared Cheyenne Canyon, Seven Bridges, behind the Broadmoor, up the Canyon, Black Forest, and the Air Force Academy.  After I had been here awhile, we then ventured to Divide to the Crags, Pancake Rocks, Horsethief Falls, and Mueller State Park.   Now she lives in Western Colorado and we hike less frequently together.  We have to plan months in advance for a week-long hiking adventure.  I have friends that you can just call them for a neighborhood stroll on a moment’s notice.  My neighbors all hike to our neighborhood park, but we live such different schedule, we don’t always go together. 

I meet new people by asking them if they hike.  These hiking buddies are your prayer partners, exercise encouragers, nature nuts, and faithful friends.  We all have those friends who are only hiking buddies and there are clubs, groups, associations, and travel groups devoted to people who love to hike.  It is never hard to find someone who finds taking one step after another delightful. Others like getting to know new people or catching up with their friend while they hike. There are hikers who find the time of walking to be the best experience of their busy week.  I have cried, laughed, told confidences, counseled and listened on hikes. 

Who are your hiking buddies and how long since you have been together on the trail?

Hiking Buddies



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