Weeping in the nighttime but Joy must come in the morning

Brittany Girls with Foster Mom

After five weeks the Brittany girls, Abby and Shiloh went to their forever home today.  I cried.  A lot.   They have a wonderful place to live and yet, I forgot the memo that said – do not fall in love with your foster dogs.

They learned how to get on my lap pretty early and this is how they greeted me when I returned from anywhere.

After run at Wilkerson Pass

After a run at Wilkerson Pass last week, they fell asleep with their heads on the food sack.  I went with friends to finally spread the ashes of my dogs who died last fall.

Who can finish first?

They even went to the bathroom at the same time.

Peeing together
Abby and Shiloh Please get up

At the bedside waiting for Mom to get up.

I will miss the girls – but am so glad I had the time for them to hike with me, make me laugh, and help them find a forever home. Goodbye girls.  Give your new owners laughter and as much joy as you gave me.

Climbing onto my lap.

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