Ocean Walks

Ps 65:7 “Who dost still the roaring of the seas the roaring of their wave and the tumult of the peoples” New American Standard (NAS)


The combination of the water sounds and the smells of sea life call to your senses when we walk along a sea shore.  Crashing waves on rocks by the sea or protected coastal tidal pools are beautiful and calming locations for hiking. I have walked along beaches in Florida where the flat and hard packed sand makes us want to run fearlessly into the repeating waves.  The rocky lighthouse protected shore of Central and Northern Maine makes it a place you want to return to over and over again.  Scrambling around the rocks while avoiding the unpredictable ocean blast, allows me to experience the exuberance of the salty sea with its vistas of islands in the distance.  The colors of gray rocks, tan sand, blue green water, white waves, green trees and blue skies overwhelm with diversity.  I think of Jesus walking on the water of the Sea of Galilee and quieting the winds and waves and asking Simon Peter to come to him.  What courage it took to step out of that boat and walk toward Jesus.   Yes, he started to sink when he looked around at the sea, but how many of us would have taken that first step to start something totally unknown to us? 

What things are you hesitating to try because of fear?   What things are roaring over you like waves in your life?

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2 thoughts on “Ocean Walks

  1. I too like to think about the ocean sounds. Would like to do an ocean trip in the future. I enjoyed Maine and the rocks and the crashing of the waves. Life is pretty quiet this week so have the extra time to study and pray for our lives and for God to reveal His will for yours. Mom

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