Flood Safety

Habakkuk 3:8 “The mountains saw Thee and quaked; the downpour of waters swept by.”  New American Standard (NAS)

 ‘On July 31, 1976, a violent rainstorm sent a rampaging wall of water through Big Thompson Canyon, Colorado, returning it to its primordial state. The massive millennial flood killed 144 residents and visitors at one of Colorado’s most popular destinations.’  It is a famous story in Colorado demonstrating how we are guests in this rugged land.  The idea of rain causing creeks to rise so fast that you are trapped in canyons is a constant threat during the spring snow melt in the Rockies.  Many of us have hiked along creeks contained on all sides by rocky embankments.

Boulder Fall after a Flood

The rolling creek has formed the valley through slowly wearing through the massive boulders over time.  We can see how high the creek has been each season and should always be aware that this dry ground once covered with a raging river.    There is power and danger near the flowing streams in the mountains.  We now know that if there is a flood in a canyon climb up, do not try to outrun the flood. The rockslide we experience as the ground loosens below our feet during a rainstorm is like our life in the middle of an unexpected change or crisis.  We grieve, we lose, we want, we weep.  We have to be able to scramble to safety, quickly and have higher ground nearby or we will be swept away in the flood of emotions.

Have you ever experienced a scramble toward the safety of God’s presence during the midst of your life’s downpour and flood?

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