Do not fear….

 Isaiah 41:10 NIV     So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, I will uphold you.  I will strengthen you with my righteous right hand. 

Steps cut into stone.  No railings to hold on to.  A climb up of six steps can seem like sixty to someone fearful of heights in the Red Rock canyon of Colorado Springs.  I was with my friend hiking the park and went to the Quarry.  I had no idea she was terrified of heights.  Someone in her youth had tried to push her over a railing with a drop of perhaps 75 feet.  She had even forgotten what was the prevailing incident until she saw those stairs.  I was up and over like a gazelle until I realized she was stuck.  Half up and half down.  Paralyzed with fear.  I would never have gone that direction if I had known.  Some people were kind and saying “I get scared too”  And some said “If you fall, I will catch you.”  That did not help her.  Time and encouragement and the fear of going back down the way we had come.  Fear does not allow you to see the beauty.  Fear is crippling. Fear is limiting in its effect.  Fear is real.  She made it up those steps, crawling the last one and then away from the edge.  She did it.  I will never cause anyone to have to conquer that much fear.  Fear that causes tears and trembling.  Fear that causes sweat and heavy breathing.  Fear that has a source so deep you cannot conquer it on your own.  I did not pray.  I did not stop.  I just encouraged.  She made it.  Up and over and we are still friends.

What fears do you have that you have never conquered?  How do you help someone who is afraid? 

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