Idaho – what was that?

Psalms 91:11”For He will give His angels charge concerning you, to guard you in all your ways.” New American Standard (NAS)

Sun Valley, Idaho is a gorgeous small town in a sparsely populated state.  I drove down an isolated road east of town until I found a trail.  The town’s map said the trail went to an abandoned settler‘s cabin about two miles into the mountains.  Since I was by myself, I took plenty of water and food, and all the supplies I would need in case something happened.  This was before cell phones.

Similar terrain to Idaho

As I left the parking lot, mounted a ridge, took in the view, I was consumed by heart thumping anxiety.  Why?  The valley dropped off steeply to my left with treetops below the path, and the mountain’s foothills to the right.  I walked another 200 feet and the anxiety increased, my breathing became ragged, the hair on my neck stood up, and my feet would hesitate with every step.  I listened to my primal instincts and stopped.  I tried to go forward again, but the symptoms increased.  It was like having arms pushing you backwards.

I turned around, walked back to the car, drove back towards town a mile, found another trail, and hiked my four miles with no associated anxiety.  I spoke to another experienced hiker and they said “perhaps you smelled a moose or bear but did not know it.  You definitely did the right thing turning around.”  I believe the angels were protecting me from danger I could not see or hear.

 When have you experienced instinctive or real fear and changed your path? When have you rethought the direction of your life? Or your hike?


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2 thoughts on “Idaho – what was that?

  1. I had that kind of experience on our ditch path a couple of weeks ago. I felt uncomfortable, anxious, worried. I did turn around in response to my fear and prayers.
    Don’t know what it was.

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