Do what you say you will do…

I will do what I say or promise.   It is that simple.  It leads to success both professionally and personally.  It always amazes me how many times someone has promised to do something for me and they never do it.  Everyone is busy, but if you promise you will do something, then it is important enough to write down and do it.  If you say you will send an internet story or link – do it without being reminded.  If you say you will have a report done at a certain time – do it without being asked.  Nothing is more disappointing in building any kind of relationship, personal or professional, than not keeping your word.

Friends at work who always keep their word


When I am chairing a meeting or as a participant, I keep a pencil or my Smart Phone available to keep track of anything I promise or is promised to me.  It is important to follow-up with those small promises as soon as possible.  It is important to summarize what has been promised and by whom.  Then make sure you keep a written copy of the promises and keep them on the follow-up list until it is completed.  Yes, it takes effort to be that organized, but how can you remember everything you say you will do.

Sometimes I think we say we will do something even if we do it only to be nice or participate.  Don’t do it.  If you are not going to be able to keep your word, then stay quiet and do not volunteer to do something.  I remember the times someone promised something and did not do something much more often than someone who keeps their promises.  The person who keeps their word is developing a reputation of integrity.

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