Walk for a Cause

Psalm 25:6 “Remember, O Lord, Thy compassion and Thy lovingkindnesses, for they have been from of old.” NAS 

Fund raising walks are very popular.  Many of us could walk every weekend a 5K or 10K to raise money for some organization.  The “Buddy Walk” for Down’s Syndrome was special because of the number of kids there. There is always the National Anthem. (Love the Storm Troopers singing).  Sponsors of orange juice, water and doughnuts.   Star War Storm Troopers, Teddy bears in sheriff outfits joined hundreds of people in the community.  Kids being pulled or pushed by their parents. Teams where you remember or support someone with the illness, disease you are walking for, although this walk seemed to have only acceptance and no sadness. And buddies you walk with to support the cause and have a great morning walk. 

Location with all the quirkiness of every town.

What causes do you support?  Where have you walked in support of causes?


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