Dusty the Wonder Dog His Words

Dusty the Wonder  Brittany Dog – Scared and Alone to Blind and at Home

Died September 14, 2010 A memoir.

She rescued me from harm, then brought me home in the floorboard of her

car.She was patient with me and I was soooo scared.

Food, water, safety – bark softly or not at all, look around but do not

ask for anything.  That never did any good in the past. They want to

touch me, but not my hip or back legs.  That is where I was always kicked.

Mom taught me to run, but always come back. If I did not, she put this

thingon my neck and made me stay close.  Sometimes I pretended not to

thinghear her so that those rabbits would not know I was about to attack. But I do

not like alone so I always come back.

Dusty and Debi in 2007

We hiked in mountains, walked along streams,  explored all the smells

and sights of Colorado.  Well she walked and I ran.  And ran, and ran and ran.

I am a Brittany – a breed that is meant for running 15 miles a day – if

I do not get it outside, I will do the mileage in the yard.  But I like

the temperature between 30-70 degrees, no rain, no sweating, and no droughts.

My Dad went off to war, and I loved to listen for the garage door.

That meant I had two people home with me who loved me.  But then he was

no longer around me.  I see him sometimes – he lives in Texas. (now Oklahoma)

Mom and I took car rides everywhere in Colorado, and we went to New

Mexico, Wyoming, Nebraska, Montana, Kansas, North and South Dakota –

and that was just out west.  I sometimes went with my friend Esther as


But my favorite trips were when we came from our new apartment in Chicago in 2005  to Southern Indiana.

When we got 5 miles away from my Grandparents – I stood up and was so excited I ran back and forth across the back of mycar “home”. The corn, ground, and sounds told me we were going to the “farm”.I knew that I was going to the “farm” to smell deer, dig moles, and chase rabbits. Of course, the best part was seeing those people wholoved me there.

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