Dusty the Wonder Dog – Chicago Adventures

A Memoir Dusty died September 14, 2010

Grandma sounded like my Mom, but their smells were different.   She loved

to give me treats, made me rice and meat, and took me with her in the van.

Sometimes she would forget and leave food in the car.  Ice cream and

pizza were my favorites. She sometimes left me alone outside, but

always honked to let me know she was leaving and when she came home. I do not like alone.

Grandmom and Dusty 2009

Grandpa loved to take me to the place that smells like the woods with

all the dead trees.  It sometimes smelled bad there, has noisy

machinery, but at least I was not alone.  But it was more fun if he

took me to the fields to hunt.  He would walk around the edges, and I

would run to the woods and through the fields.  One time I even got

lost chasing a deer, a big metal vehicle barely missed me, and I just

kept on running.  I was scared then too.

I hate alone.  I hate no people around.  They do not have to pet, play,

or talk to me, just be in the same house.  Better if they are in the

same room.

I do not like alone.  Not outside, not inside – it makes me scared.

And I pee or bark, both things that are not good to do inside.  It is

OK outside to pee, but the barking makes me have to drink water.

I am a Colorado dog – born and bred there.

I love it, but Mom said we must move to Chicago as she had a new job.  I have never been in an

apartment, never seen so many cars, heard so much noise, or smelled so

many dogs.  I think there are millions of dogs there, and 500 of them

live in my neighborhood building.  I could hear the Doberman and Chow

through the walls, and even though I thought they could not get me, I

was scared.  I also heard the door open and close when someone went

outside, and since my job is to warn my mom, I barked.

Then I would go to the Lake Shore Park and

run, geese, raccoons, squirrels, and ducks were everywhere.  But so

were all the other dogs.  I could hear the water sometimes, and sometimes it

all was so windy my ears would just blow backwards off Lake Michigan.


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