Dusty the Wonder Dog goes Blind

Dusty died September 14, 2010

I always had to have that thing around my neck in Chicago, but one

time, I ran out the back door without any person with me.  Mom had

taught me that if I did not have that leash tugging on that thing

around my neck, I could only go left.  Right was the street and lots of

cars.  So I went left.  But no Mom, just my little field where I played and peed. But I was alone again.

A nice man came to me and I wagged my tail, but he had another dog

with him.  He took me home, and my collar told him what my name was and

who to call.  Mom hugged me like CRAZY when she got home.  See, she was

on an airplane and just landed in Los Angeles when she got a call that

I was “found”.  She did not even know I was lost.  Boy ,was she scared

then.  I never got a chance to run out the back door again.  She left

through the front door whenever she traveled.

Then scary things began to happen.  I could not see stuff at night.  I

could not find my Mom unless she waved her hands and yelled at me.  I

was alone in my own world again.  Mom told the dog walker to watch me

closely,  and she no longer asked me “why” when I bumped her leg when

we walked.  I like to know where I am and who is with me.  But I cannot

see well.  Light, movement, then nothing.

Blind dog running

I bump my nose and fall more, am mad about it, so I will just cry and

be sad.  I liked my eyes.  They could look at people, warn me about

dogs getting too close, and tell me where the trees were when I chased

squirrels.  But I will survive.  And he did for another two years.

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