My dog path’s and mine

I watch him running. Completely blind.  I am amazed and humbled by his trust in me to be his eyes.  My Brittany Spaniel, Dusty, became blind after 8 years of sight, and went through all the issues of adjustment that any of us would face with such a radical change in our life.  But what I really learned watching him run one day, was how much of his life mirrors my faith walk with Jesus.

Dusty at Wilkerson Pass

Dusty runs flat out, as fast as he can go, without sight across a field when I say “Go”.  He trusts me to guide him in safety and to let him know if he is running close to something dangerous by saying “easy”.  God’s word speaks to me to run and I have abundant life in fields free of sinful obstructions, but when he cautions me through the gift of the Holy Spirit to be careful, I must listen or I will hurt myself.

Dusty on the Single Swinging Bridge

I put Dusty on a leash to lead him across a bridge and keep him safe from anything that could harm him. He stays right beside me most of the time, but sometimes wants to get ahead of me.   Christ leads me “beside still waters” and his “rod and staff they comfort me.”  It is the safety of the boundary and the loving limitation of Christ’s guidance that helps me cross over into unfamiliar territory.  Sometimes I am impatient and want to get ahead of him and push the limits of the leash, and yet He will keep me from going too far ahead of his direction.


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