Trail West Mining Beauty

Trail West Conference Center is owned by Young Life and is available at the base of Cottonwood Pass for those who want a safe and beautiful place to retreat.  There is much to do at this special God centered place. I love the “fake” front of the church.  Relax, Hike, Read, Sleep, Tennis, Swim, Volleyball and of course, eat. 

Nature destroys man made structures through time. There are many structures that allowed the miners at the Old Mine to stay on the mountain as they mined in tunnels deep underneath the earth.

The view from these hovels is spectacular onto the plains of the Colorado Rockies. 

Scattered throughout the structures are tin can remnants.  A reminder of a difficult life mining in the mountains.  Finally the mine, closed by concrete in a deep hole surrounded by the rickety fence.
The trail winds through Aspen forest with just a few yellow leaves on the ground warning of winter to come.  The creek runs along the trail and the clefted rock is about one-third of the way up the trail. Don’t you think it looks like a whale’s mouth? The sky is lit up with clouds warning of rain to come.   Hiking with someone who I hiked with one year ago in Estes Park is a blessing at this retreat.  We share a love for God’s beautiful gift of Colorado and a love for hiking. 

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