Potter’s Inn at Aspen Ridge: Companionship, Longings, Perspective






Aspens Late Summer

All Aspen trees are interconnected below the surface by their roots. Saying good-bye to some relationships comes easily, others are more difficult.  Whether through death, moving, or disagreement, we end relationships on earth.  Solitude means being in community but not alone.  My neighbors are my community.  My work is my community.  My church is my community.  We all have different communities that meet different needs.  When we only have one and it changes, it is a dangerous dark night of the soul. 

Luke 10:29-37, vs. 35b “Take care of him and whatever more you spend, when I return, I will repay you.”  NAS

How many communities do you belong to?  What do you contribute to the community?  What do you take from the community?


Transformation begins with desires and desire is deep in your soul that is full of longings.  I can be jealous of anyone:  full-time Christian workers, mothers, sisters, wives.  Anything you are not can cause your longings to be revealed.  But these are people who also experience burn-out, aloneness, disappointments and failures.  Nothing fulfilled them, even working for Christ in full-time ministry.  They want their longings to be fulfilled.  The want their God-given desires to be acknowledge.  Just like me.

Psalm 38:9 “Lord, all my desire is before Thee; and my sighing is not hidden from Thee.” NAS

What desires have I carried that still are not fulfilled?  What do I want right now that is different? 



I have no idea what God is up to in my life.  I am confused.  Lord has to speak the words and it will be done.  People say no to you,  then they say yes.  They say now and then they say wait. Back to a place of pain?  Stay in a place of new pain?  My perspective is like looking at the backside of the quilt, and God’s perspective is looking down from above at the finished and beautiful work of art.

Psalm 33:8 “For He spoke, and it was done; He commanded, and it stood fast.”  NAS

Do you go forward or backward? Where are you in your spiritual journey?  Is your perspective clouded with something?


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