Fly fishing as devotions

Fall  leaves show the veins of the Aspens.  The color disappears so quickly. All of this beauty is gone in one week.   All of our lives are moments of beauty and change.





The berries feed the bears for the winter.  The water replenishes the creeks for the elk and deer. God takes care of his creatures and His creation.





The lonely fisherman enjoys the beauty and solitude of his hobby.  Fly Fishing is a sport of patience, small joys and repetition.  Our devotional times are the same.  We learn from the small changes God gives us as He changes our character. We have insight into contentment and happiness.

“Consider it all joy when you suffer various trials… James 1:2” Devotions that are repeated at the same time or same place day after day gives us a place to meet God.  Consistently. Among His beauty that never fades.



Where do find God?  Have you set up a time and place to consistently worship God?  What beautiful place reminds you of God’s creation?

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