Zumba as a Hike

I was asked to go to a Zumbathon to support donations to Breast Cancer Research

I have never Zumba-ed before.  There is some major dancing going on to a pounding salsa beat.

All shapes and sizes of chicks – I was with a Jenny Craig sponsored group.

Everyone in pink and partying down at 9:30 in the morning on a Saturday!!

And then the pros take the stage to lead  and humble us.  My back and butt does not move like that.

One guy was in our group.  He just completed his fourth tour deployment in Army.  Real men wear pink.

Our motivation besides fun, was dancing with this person who came to lead us from New Mexico.  He had danced for 1.5 hours and was sooooo fine.  Notice the pregnant chick behind him.  They weren’t together. Oh Yeah.  Zumba!!


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