Hiking Houston Style

“My mouth shall speak wisdom; And the meditation of my heart shall be of understanding.” Psalm 49:3 NAS

A trip to Houston is a trip to my past.  I started my adult life in Southeast Texas three decades ago when I left the Midwest for the glories of the ocean and a new culture.  The smells, green colors and sea birds brought back so many memories.  A time of youthful craziness and experiences flow through my thoughts as I see the long-necked water birds and water everywhere.  The big brick Texas houses that define success American style are stylish and opulent.  Early holiday shopping focus in Rice Village shows that the economy is booming here.

Decorations are up and colors range from red and green to mauve and lime green.

The access to Tex-Mex food brings my heart joy – especially fajitas and homemade tortillas.

Visits with old friends and colleagues remind us of the value of every connection in our life.  People are important.  Our words have value.  Time will pass, no matter what we do.  Mistakes and success are the hallmarks of living.  Learn from them and be thankful for the lessons.

What place in your past brings back sad and good memories?  Where would you return and change things knowing what you do now? Who do you need to reconnect with from your past?

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