Hiking -Southern Indiana style

“Then Jesus declared ‘I am the bread of life, he who comes to me will never go hungry.” John 6:35 NIV

Hiking for most folks in Southern Indiana is walking from the car to a restaurant.  Meetings, family, business, fun all revolves around food.  People do not eat to live here, they live to eat.

My parents meet once a month with their high school graduation class and spouses from Griffin High School, Indiana Class of 1956.

They try a different local restaurant every month.  A few pictures of the menu to give you an idea of the flavorful offerings and prices.

Fried Mushrooms.  Fried Cheese Balls.  Fried Ravioli.  And my favorite… Fried Green Beans – a specialty.

There are breaded pork Tenderloins sandwiches, German Bologna and the Livers and Gizzards of chickens (I hope) to meet everyone’s needs.  Yummm.

Darmstadt Inn is a Bar with a family room that is packed at noon on a Friday.  No economic slowdown here.  The décor is indescribable – Animal heads.  And butts.  Separated by a column.

I do not think I will show you the raccoon pee pee hanging over the cash register.  Not appropriate for children. Or adults.

They shared a joke.  If someone does something stupid, just tell them “you are an ID ten T.”  Then have them write it out.  Got it.  Do it.  Go ahead – write it out!

What is your favorite food from your childhood?  How do you view familiar surroundings? What alternative family do you have?

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