Heart’s Desire

“Thou has given her ‘her’ heart’s desire and Thou has not withheld the request of ‘her’ lips.” Paraphrase Psalm 21:2 “And He will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalms 37:4

What does it mean to have desire?  Appetite, wants, wishes, cravings?   A deep longing that is placed in your heart?  Wishes for significance and accomplishment that you have not shared with anyone?  A secret dream?  Many of us have never seen this scripture fulfilled, most likely, because we have not identified our ‘heart’s desire’.  There is a feeling of contentment which lasts for hours, months or years when we achieve a heart’s desire.   It may be a child, a picket fence, a trip, a spouse, a book published, a degree accomplished.  They are different for everyone of us. Desires are  plural.  Only one desire is not enough. 

When we have aligned our heart’s desire with our efforts, there is passion, purpose and possibility in our lives.  This is a process of identification and accomplishment, and not an emotional reaction to achieving some success.  It is the deep hope and vision for your life that you may not have acknowledged since you were a child.  If you journal, it will be a recurring theme throughout your years of recording events.

The disappointments and disillusionment of our lives cause us to stop looking at our heart’s desires.  But what if I did speak them?  What if I wrote down my secret desire’s?  What if I took one step on the journey to achieving them?  What if I prayed them out loud to the God of the universe?  The Psalmist David voiced his desires for victory, forgiveness, joy, healing and hope.  He believed that God would given him his heart’s desire and would not withhold any request he spoke.

What are you doing about your desires?  Have you written them down?  Have you verbalized your desires aloud to yourself and to God?  How will you know when you have received you heart’s desire?  What kind of faith will it take to wait and trust that God’s promises are true? 

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