Humility amid Prosperity

Psalms 37:11 “But the humble will inherit the land and will delight themselves in abundant prosperity.”  Humility is not only the opposite of pride, it is a unique acceptance of God’s gifts whatever they are.  We see ourselves as so very important and yet when we look up on a clear night, we see our smallness.  Every year the Add-A-Man group climbs to the top of Pikes Peak in order to set off fireworks at midnight.  They are duly proud of their accomplishments and we delight in the visual circles of color in the distance. 

The prosperity of our country is seen in the lights and decorations of Christmas.  We spend billions of dollars on gifts, parties and decorations each year.  We have homes that many would envy and humbly give thanks for God’s blessings on our inheritance.

What are you proud about?  What gifts and talents do you use or not use?  What does it mean to be prosperous for you? 

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