Borrowed Dogs

Psalms 37:21 “… but the righteous is gracious and gives.”  Walking with a borrowed dog is a delight if they enjoy hiking and do not have your own ‘dawg’.

They do things differently, and you always have to be more vigilant as you enjoy an off leash hike.  Will they bother other people?  Will they come back to me?  When do I start to worry about not seeing them in a forest?

During a recent hike, my borrowed dog was exploring and playing out of my sight for a long time.  When they did not return, I called their name, I then would whistle.

Soon I would see the fawn colored coat cutting through the brush as they made his way to his adopted caregiver.  They give me great joy and I am gracious to give them the freedom to find new and exciting things.  It is a giving relationship.

What do you do to show grace to strangers?  To your family and friends?  What giving have you done freely?  When did you give graciously? 

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