Ice Hiking

Ice hiking is treacherous.  Psalms 37:24 “When she (who lets God establish her steps) falls, she will not be hurled headlong, because the Lord is the one who holds her hand.”

Hiking with my borrowed beautiful Husky Max is always an adventure.  The power in his sprint helps you understand that he is a hunter, not a hunting dog.  He could take down a deer with his ability to cover vast amounts of ground in his sprint with his power.  A husky’s body is sheer power and muscle. 

He was thundering up the trail behind me and I stepped aside backwards.  The ice affected my traction and down I went on my back.  Laughter  followed as I watched him hurl himself over the other dog who cowered at his approach.  I was not hurt badly, and did not fall headlong down the side of the trail, but slid unceremoniously to the slick hard ground on my backside.

After we finished our hike we enjoyed watching the dogs, Max and Molly congratulate each other on their accomplishment.

A kiss.  A hug. 

A take down.

All in the manner of competitors high-fiving each other at the end of a contest.

What takes you headlong into a fall?  How do you use abandon and caution at the same time?  What do you do to celebrate a fun hike? 

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