Ice Hiking Carefully

Psalms 37:23 “The steps of man are established by the Lord and He delights in his way.”

Winter hiking is an adventure of caution.  Even when there is no visible snow or mud, the ice collects in the shadows.  If you are talking to your partner or your dog, you only have two feet and the path’s direction must be established.  You can go down on these trails so fast, you have no warning.



My friend says, “I hate ice” as she gingerly picks her way across a sudden expanse of dirt and frozen ground.  God will establish our directions but he steps are sometimes hidden or around another corner.  We are not clear what our next step should be and sometimes we must pause and look at the path ahead.  If there is a path?  If there is a direction?



How are you looking to the Lord to establish your steps?  When did you last feel His delight?

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