Encourage the Unemployed

Psalms 37:34 “Wait for the Lord and keep His way and He will exalt you to inherit the land.”

Unemployment is an exercise in waiting and disappointment.  It is hard to prepare for the interview, be “up” and positive, and then wait for an undetermined time.  When the ‘no’ comes, I question what I did wrong?  What I could have done differently? 

If God is still there and willing to exalt me. It is a test of faith and trust and being diligent to keep His way by studying the scriptures.  Every day there is something in my bible reading that seems to be speaking to me.  And every day I get up and try again to take a step, keep His way, and wait.



Who do you know that needs encouragement as they are trying to find work?  What can you give them to help them during this time?   Take them out for a meal and let them know you are paying in advance.  Ask them to go to the movies with you and pay for them.  Send them $20 or more with a note of encouragement.  Send them an email telling them you are keeping your eyes open for positions for them.  Ask them for their resume and send it to colleagues.  Offer to help them practice interviews.  Help them clean their gutters or something they normally would pay to have done. 

How do you react when you know someone is out of work for a long time? Do not ignore them or think there is something wrong with them.

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