Kentucky: Land Between the Lakes

Mark 4:32 Yet when planted, it  (the mustard tree) grows and becomes the largest of all garden plants, with such big branches that the birds can perch in its shade.

Kentucky State Parks are a treasure for the people in and surrounding Kentucky.  There are verdant forests lined with birds of every kind migrating to the North and South and through the woods for food and shelter.  The Land Between the Lakes is a man-made flood control area that spans almost the entire state North to South.  The creation of recreational waterways provided multiple opportunities to fish, hunt, boat and hike.  Paths line the Lakes and cross between Kentucky and Barclay Lakes.  The Tennessee River flows out of this abundance and the expanse of water is wider than you can imagine.

When I was a child, I vacationed with my family and friends in an old trailer that had been hauled impossibly up a dirt road in the area close to Kentucky Lake.  We had no toilet except for the outhouse at the end of a small path behind the cabin.  Snakes were seen every summer and the boys would find and chase us with them.  A pet raccoon was tamed for one summer with all the antics of eating, running and surprising you in unimaginable places.  At night, we slept outside on the porch on the floor, side by side, to catch a slight breeze in the hot and humid air.  The games we played caused bloody hands from women’s sharpened nails and aggressive slapping to capture the cards they wanted.  Laughter, fishing, and fried potatoes filled our senses with the beauty of the big branches of the trees shading our days. We would hike up and down the dirt road and behind the cabin into the hills after a day of swimming and fishing.

Where did you go as a family repeatedly?  What memories of supposed hardship do you share with your children?  What hobby did you start as a child that you continue to this day?

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