Alabama – Gulf Shores

Job 6:3 It (my sin) would surely outweigh the sand of the seas. 

On a cold wintery Colorado day, I am transported to Gulf Shores, AL in my mind.  The beach rolls away from the houses just far enough that you are isolated on the sand.  The clarity of the water meets the brilliance of the sky and your vision is tricked by the horizon of blue.  The sounds of the soft waves are different than the crashing waves of storm or rocks, but are peaceful.  We take our low chairs, a book, an umbrella and our sunscreen and find a spot close to a dune in front of the house. 

The wooden sidewalks are raised and lightly covered with sand.  The fine sand gets into everything it touches, but soft enough to roll in it and run without shoes.  You can walk for miles and view the houses of the lucky who have homes overlooking the beauty.  Seaweed and crabs litter the shell soaked tide waters.  The acrid salt of the previous night is pooled in small depressions in the sand.  The past storm effects are unseen and never a thought goes to potential destruction on this day.  The ocean calls to us.  Tides.  Color.  Sound.  Smell.  It brings us home.

How does the ocean affect you?  If you have the choice, do you choose the mountains or the ocean for vacation?  Where is your favorite part of the coast?

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