When I am an Old Woman…..

Psalms 91:16 “With a long life I will satisfy her and let her behold My salvation.”

Living a long life has changed over the centuries.  Only a hundred years ago, many more people died in their 40s than now.  Now if someone dies in their 60s we say “they were so young.”  Only when someone reaches their 80’s are we comfortable saying “They lived a long life.” 

Questions arise about the quality not just the quantity of life in healthcare every day.  Doctors, patients and families are left with the question, “How much do we do to extend life?”  It is so precious and we do not want our loved ones to leave prematurely, but what is the measure of a long life?  If we live to behold God’s salvation and are comfortable with our years, days, minutes isn’t that enough?  We never know the answer to the question until we are faced with the decisions.

When have you been part of a decision about extending life?  What factors did you include in the decision?  Who did you consult? 

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