Eat and be Satisfied

Psalms 22:26 “The afflicted shall eat and be satisfied.” 

Stress.  Chemotherapy.  Fear.  Chronic Illness.  Affliction is a terrifying word. I have friends who are  experiencing all of these afflictions right now. Joblessness or fear of losing their jobs create sleeplessness and lack of appetite.  Stress of illness and injury causes them to struggle to physically eat.  They literally cannot get the spoon to their mouths. 

Chemotherapy creates nausea and change in taste and they turn away most food.  Chronic Illness makes them have to think about each bite of food they take in for nourishment.  Food has become a medicine and a weapon.  The “afflicted will eat” seems like an impossible goal, and then that they will be satisfied is unimaginable.  It is a promise even if it seems counter-intuitive.  Trust it. Acknowledge it.

What affliction are you experiencing?  What affliction have you experienced?  When have you had affliction and been able to eat?  Were you satisfied? 

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