Angel Protection

Psalms 91:12 “They Angels will bear you up in their hands, lest you strike your foot against a stone.” (NAS)

Miracles occur even on trails where you least expect it. I was hiking in Switzerland with my friend on a trail that passed through wooded areas and into stunning clearings. He was ahead of me about two hundred feet and I was coming out of the trees onto an area of the mountain where you could not see the top of the mountain to my left.

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As I stepped onto the path, I felt a hand on my shoulder and paused. It was a feeling, and I paused maybe two or three seconds. As I took my first step, I heard something and looked up. A huge boulder at least two feet in diameter came bouncing down the mountain onto the trail and continued down the mountain. I stood there stunned as my friend turned around to find the source of the sound.

I called from across the clearing, “I could have been killed.” I told him what had happened when he reached me, he hugged me and we continued on the path. The Angel most certainly “bore me up in their hands” or the stone would have killed me.

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Have you felt God’s protection in the mountains and in your life? What accident have you avoided?  What bad decision do you regret? Have you ever encountered on Angel? 

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