Guilin Cave, Pearls, River and Luck

Psalms 128:2 “You will eat the fruit of your labor; blessings and prosperity will be yours.” (NIV)

Guilin, China is a small city by China standards with only 1 million people and after Beijing and Xian, it felt quiet and empty. The Li and Peach Blossom Rivers converge with four lakes and we are greeted with stifling humidity and rain. It seemed less hectic here, more scooters, less cars and less noise.

The tour to the Reed Flute Cave included colored lights on the formations and a magnificent laser show on the ceiling of the cavern. When you are on a sponsored tour in China, you must go to many of the government owned stores to at least look at all the things to buy.

Today’s tour was the “South China Pearls” store and included a runway fashion show with models showing different pearls designs available. There were freshwater and sea pearls and pearl powder for your skin. If the water has iron in it – black pearls are produced. Copper in the water gives pink pearls. Prices are reasonable and they can assure you that the quality is accurate, unlike the street vendors.

beaded gray necklace
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There are 55 minority ethnic groups in China and Guilin is home to the Dong people – known for long hair, Meio people – for their embroidery, and Yao people – for singing. We had a charming cruise down the Li River, where the mountains are uniquely shaped and were on my bucket list. They are called Karst Mountains and have a rounded top with steep walls covered with greenery. People come here to paint the fog that lays between the peaks in shadowy layers of white and grey mist.

The area is known for Pomelo fruit, which grows along the terraced hillsides. It is believed to bring good luck and prosperity when eaten during the Chinese New Year. A lot of responsibilities for a grapefruit like fruit! We walked 6.4 miles today, even on a boat for half a day.

What do you believe brings you prosperity? Do you believe in luck?

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