Moments to Remember

Jeremiah 48:47“Yet I will restore the fortunes of Moab In the latter days,” declares the LORD.” (NAS)

            I can still feel my excitement when I saw Arches National Park and the red rocks and arches near Moab, Utah.  Massive red rock formations on the road to arches and rocks with holes in the middle large enough to drive a semi-truck through them caused me to race around trying to capture the memories in my camera.   Each of us has things we want to do before we die.  Seeing the sun set in Arches National Park was on my list.  

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            We drove to a higher point in the park as the sun was beginning to set.  Photographers were actually running to a certain point where the photographs would be outstanding.  A purple elongated cloud in the distance hovered over the setting sun. Red rocks glowed in the orange sunset, turning everything terra cotta warm.   Balanced rocks and column formations were silhouetted in the waning light.  Golden brilliance of an orb dipped below the purple cloud and blinded the watchers. Grass waved violently in the finishing daylight. 

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            “God light” when your eyes and your film pick up light rays reflecting outward away from the sun was seen for a few seconds.  Rainbow colored clouds faded from blinding yellow, orange, red, violet upward to the deepest purple.  Sky and sun darkened, shadows lengthened, people returned to their vehicles, and comments were stilled except for single words: “Amazing, spectacular, rare, and unbelievable.” 

God Light at Bryce Canyon, UTAH

What “moments to remember” do you cherish from your hikes?  Do you like sunrise or sunset and why?

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