Rivers and History

Ezekiel 29:5 “I will abandon you to the wilderness, you and all the fish of your rivers; You will fall on the open field; you will not be brought together or gathered. (NASB)

            My friend and I hiked three times in four days at Two Rivers Park in Little Rock, Arkansas where we walked her two delightful white golden doodles – Molly and Abby.  There are multiple flat trails throughout this area and we took a long stroll to the confluence of the two rivers – Arkansas and Little Maumelle.  The Arkansas River starts in my area of Colorado Rockies, but is really a big creek in Colorado. In Little Rock, it is a giant river that flows around this park after making a recreational lake.  The Little Maumelle passes through or near the town of Maumelle northwest of Little Rock.  I never saw the Big Maumelle.

            The second hike was on a different side of the park sheltered from the wind and shaded.  There was a herd of deer in one of the hay fields bedded down and grazing.  I counted 24 deer when they moved farther away from the dogs. The dogs were not interested.  The marsh surrounds the raised paved path and is frequented by both hikers and bikers.   This path will take you to a bridge crossing the Arkansas River in North Little Rock. 

            The third path looped by the Little Maumelle River and through an open field where there are many trees planted.  (See note below).  The dogs were too interested in the River and mud and standing water in the fields for us to let them off leash.  They are white dogs and we wanted them to stay that way! This area is very hot and muggy in the summer with a mosquito convention waiting for people to visit. 

            Who do you need to visit?  How do you enjoy a new city or location?  When you walk, do you like wide-open spaces or trees all around?


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