“Praise be to the name of God for ever and ever; wisdom and power are his.
He changes times and seasons; he deposes kings and raises up others.” Daniel 2:20-21 NIV

Green. Flowers. Cool breezes. Grass.  

We await the new life promised each year in Spring.  After cold, snowy, hard winters in Colorado, I must escape to warmth and flowers in March or April.  While the cold desert slumbers and stretches toward warmth, Arizona provides the blooms of Spring.  

Flowering Tree in Sedona

Sedona had beautiful flowering trees.  Not native shrubbery, but planted by the transplanted people who long for their own version of Spring. 

Blooming Cactus

The four seasons are different depending where you live. We all have a favorite season and yet, it can change as we follow the sun and temperature change of wherever we live. 


Spring, with daffodils, azaleas and tulips, was always my favorite when I lived in Indiana.  


Texas with Bluebonnets and red Indian Paints in the fields can be awe inspiring in April.  California is covered with blooming poppies.


Summer in Colorado is when we have the crazy wildflowers, bursting shrubs, and the short-lived annual beauties. 


Fall, in red and orange maples of New England or in the yellow Aspens of the Rockies, brings its release from summer heat.  


Winter – white, brown, and shadowed snow has its own gorgeousness.  


When have you recreated your youth or place of birth through plants and flowers? Why do we do this? Do you feel the need to get your hands in the dirt in the Spring?  What are your favorite spring flowers?   

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