Perugia -Famous for….

“I told them that it is not the Roman custom to hand over anyone before they have faced their accusers and have had an opportunity to defend themselves against the charges.”  Acts 25:16 NIV

Traffic jam.  Construction. Accident. Nowhere to go – yet a two lane became a three lane with a wrecker squeezing through the bus and trucks.  Crazy trip to Perugia.

Wrecker squeezing between two lanes of traffic

We walked with Paulo our guide through two hours of history lessons.  Italy is a relatively new country formed in the late 1800s.  Perugia was settled by the Etruscans 400 years before Christ. The Romans ruled, then the Papal States with Pope Paul III.  There were many deaths, tax increases and salt was limited.  Now the bread is made without salt, even today. 

Park where the Papal State had been located

When the people took over the rule of the town from the Pope, they tore down his palace and made a park.   We visited the oldest ruins, now restored with underground escalators and a city market and museum. 


It is known for Perugian Chocolate and hosts a chocolate loving festival in the fall. It is a town full of monasteries and convents but only a few are left. 

Famous Peruvian Chocolate Store

We were on our own for lunch and found Le Bistro and had Gnoccetti, Shrimp salad, beer, espresso and the amazing espresso Tirimisu.  I thought my husband would cry from the beauty of the food.  

Main Street – Corso Vannucci

Two more hours of hiking with Paulo on the aqueduct and through the University section of Perugia.  

Another Hike on the Aqueduct
Roman Aqueduct

There are 40,000 students arriving each year in the two Universities. This is the town where the controversial trial of American Amanda Knox occurred. We began at the Fontana Maggiorie built in the thirteenth century in the main square.

Fountain Maggiore
Fontana Maggiore

There were layers of history at one Estrucan gate and wall seen by the striated rocks 

Etruscan Gate
Etruscan, Roman, Papal, Medieval Wall

The Templar church or Temple to the Archangel Michael enchanted all of us with the painting in alcoves, light and cove ceiling.  It is the oldest church (5thcentury) in Perugia, and is built on the ruins of a pagan temple.   It has 16 columns from different origins.

Peace in the middle of the city.

Templar Church
Inside Templar Church

My husband and the guide tried to help an older woman with a flat tire – but she had no spare.  We found this Roman mosaic in the middle of the Chemistry building. 

My brain was overwhelmed by Perugia:  beauty, architecture, food and history. 

Aqueduct and University Area

What overwhelms your senses?  Food? Architecture?  History? 

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