Water Judd Falls

“Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls; all your waves and breakers have swept over me.”  Psalms 42:7 NIV

1.3 miles on Trail

At the Judd Falls sign, the roar of August snowmelt reached our ears. It was an unusual winter in 2019 with lingering snowmelt.  The first view of the Falls was breathtaking and reminded me of waterfalls I had seen, but never in Colorado. The rocks squeezed the water together to roar down a narrow split to a larger pool. 

First View – More to come
No Kidding!

As we approached the Judd Falls Overlook, we saw the Falls cascading below to a holding area. The falls make a ninety-degree turn on rocks to cascade onto Copper Creek. Signs warning us of the ‘dangerous cliffs’ were really not necessary as the steepness of this canyon was evident.  The monstrous pine trees hugged the banks of Copper Creek and soared 150 feet above to our treetop viewing level. 

Judd Falls in August 2019
Looking Down at Soaring Trees

We learned that Mr. Judd lived alone in Gothic for almost forty years and died in 1930.  A bench dedicated to Mr. Judd was provided to observe, ponder, and breathe the beauty of Judd Falls.  It said “ Wayfarer, Friend or Stranger – Offered in the Name of the Man who Stayed.” We walked around 2.6 miles round trip, and had to stop often to recover from the altitude effects.

Worth it, oh yes. A moment to remember. 


Why do you think humans love waterfalls?  Where is your favorite waterfall?  How do you describe the power of waterfalls? 

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