Pompeii – No Words are Adequate

Everyone knows of it.  It is ubiquitous for volcanic eruptions in the world. 

Everyone has heard of the volcano, Mount Vesuvius, covering Pompeii with 19 feet (6 meters) of flowing ash, burying everyone and everything in AD 79. It was not truly searched until it was archeologically explored in early 1800s.  

The sheer size of the archeological site baffles the mind.  

The long distance from the still visible Vesuvius confuses.  

The extreme wealth of the city is seen in the mosaics on the floors and frescos on the walls.  

Almost 50% of the areas are still closed off for excavation. 

The true valuables have been stored in a museum in nearby Naples.  

We explored for 5 hours and saw maybe half of the site. Approximately 2.5 million tourists per year are accommodated in this crumbling site. 

Fountains with shell faces and decorations

Frescos preserved in Ash, Racy Frescos

Main town center

Roads with raised rocks to slow down the chariots

The amphitheater is still used today for concerts.  Best view of the entire area of ancient and current Pompeii. 

This is a post of pictures, because words are truly inadequate to describe Pompeii. There are a lot of people visiting Pompeii. Daily. Lots of people.

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