Canada, Hey??!! Part Two

Bunnies:  There are bunnies everywhere, especially black ones.  They have no fear of people and can be seen downtown, on side streets and grassy fields.  There was a local movement to kill the overpopulating bunnies because they have no natural predators.  The people of Canmore took the bunnies into their homes until the purge stopped and then let them out again.  They have many, many, many bunnies. 

2 Black Bunnies
5 Bunnies

            Crosswalk and Roads:  Brilliant Canadians have figured out a way to walk across a road without having to wait through two signals.  Stop all cars and let people go whatever way they want to go.  Walk to one street or catty-cornered as we say in Southern America.  Brilliant design.  

Four Way Crossing

“Every valley shall be filled in, every mountain and hill made low. The crooked roads shall become straight, the rough ways smooth.” Luke 3:4 NIV

            How do they have such fantastic roads in Alberta? What kind of asphalt do they use?  Can we import it into my home state of Colorado?  Why are all the roads called “Trail?” They spend money on their roads, and even the mountain roads are broad and well maintained.  One road split the lanes to go through and over a mountain without having too much infrastructure or destruction to nature.  One lane would go around the mountain and the other lane would go over the small mountain and they would meet again.  Animal Crossings over Highway. Brilliant. 

            Politics: The national election of 2019 was held for Prime Minister during our visit and the Conservatives (34.4%) took many seats from the Liberals  (33.1%) in House of Commons.  There were more national parties with BQ or Block Quebecois  (7.7%) centered in Quebec (prounounced KBec), the New Democratic Party (15.9%) led by Jagmeet Singh, and the Green Party (6.5%). Alberta and Saskatchewan had no liberals elected and even talk of seceding from the rest of Canada called “Westix”.  Brilliant.

Banff Mountain
Canada, Oh Canada

Describe an interesting road you have traveled?  How different is transportation in other countries? What do you observe regarding politics and local problems? Graffiti?  Trash?  Bunnies? 

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