Hiking in Corona Time

“Adonijah and his retinue of guests were just finishing their “coronation” feast when they heard it. When Joab heard the blast of the ram’s horn trumpet he said, “What’s going on here? What’s all this uproar?”” I Kings 1:41 The Message

I miss the sound of cars.  During this time of staying home, I notice the rhythm of my life is off.  Schedules and places to go are superfluous.  The roads are empty, the gas is cheap, and there are few cars on the road. We want to hike on a semi-cloudy, relatively warm Colorado spring day.  

We started for the Air Force Academy, but it was closed except for essential personnel or a specific reason – hiking does not count.  My veteran husband was surprised at being turned away.  We wondered back into Colorado Springs on I 25. At the next exit west on Woodmen Road, there is the Edmondson trailhead for Pikes Peak Greenway and New Santa Fe Trail.

Pikes Peak Greenway trail is part of a system of interconnecting trails that go for miles – south fifteen miles to Fountain Creek trail and north at least 40 miles to Palmer Lake, CO on the Santa Fe Trail.

People were friendly.  

We kept our social distance, but we are social creatures, and we miss people.  We smile and greet each other like brave troubadours on a journey to distant lands.  We take our outer layer off as the sun shines and then put it back on when the sun is hidden by the grayness. Then back off again….

This part of the Greenway parallels the old rail line between Denver and Colorado Springs, which is still in use today.  There was a section where derailed train cars had been pushed down the hill to form a new barrier.  This must have happened decades ago as there were trees growing out of the railway car remnants.  Life goes on even in, and after a disaster.

What outside activities did you do during the CoVid 19 shutdown? How well do you maintain social distancing? What other impacts have you felt? What do you miss?

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