Renewal Takes Time

Devastation. Seven years have passed since fire destroyed Black Forest Regional Park north of Colorado Springs in 2013.  We came here to become engaged in a little outbuilding I loved.  The shack was miraculously not destroyed in the fire, and has been renewed by an Eagle Scout.  It is still a special place to us.

The burned out trees have been removed, new paths have been created, and plantings of tiny pine trees are scattered across the park. They are surrounded by protection from wildlife, but there is no flowing water to recreate the forest in a short time.  There is a hint of greenness on the former forest floor as life begins to stop the erosion from rainstorms.

Across the field of burned or removed trees, the houses have been rebuilt with no trees around them.  They stand in starkness in the adjacent properties. 

“To you, Lord, I call, for fire has devoured the pastures in the wilderness
and flames have burned up all the trees of the field.”
 Joel 1:19 NIV

The scars on the trees are indicative of their survival.  They have sharp edged branches reaching to the sky, blackened by the fire.  The trunks have black outside bark contrasting to the newer circles of life entwined between.  

Hiking is difficult in the year of Coronavirus.  It is limited to surrounding areas of the neighborhood and nearby parks.  Luckily, Colorado Springs values and invests in parks.  Even if the bathrooms are still closed. 

Social distancing has caused us to step off trails when we see someone coming.  Little children move away from older people as they have been instructed to do.  

We will renew, but it will take time.  Just like this forest. 

What losses have you experienced in the pandemic?  When did the isolation become difficult?  Two weeks?  A month?  Two months?  Where do you want to travel when you can do so safely? 

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