Perfect and Complete Trail

Seven Bridges Trail in Colorado Springs is located high up in Cheyenne Canyon,  and represents ‘perfection and completion’ to me.  Colorado perfection.  Red Rocks. Green Pine trees. Lime green Aspens.  Blue Columbine flowers. Flowing Streams.  No bugs. Cold, Clear Snow Melt.  Rocks and huge boulders.  Cerulean Blue Sky. Cool temperatures in the morning and hot afternoon.  Moderate hiking difficulty for 3.7 miles climbing up and down the mountain and returning knowing you have experienced the joy of completing a hike in the mountains.

The number seven in scriptures is the number of perfection or completion.  Seven days for creation, seven pairs of “clean” animals in Noah’s Ark, Joseph gives a dream interpretation to Pharaoh of seven skinny and fat cows, Jesus uttered seven statements as He was dying, The Lord’s Prayer has seven petitions, and Book of Revelations addresses seven churches. 

By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work. Then God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating that he had done.  Genesis 2:2-3 NIV For more “sevens” in the Bible:  Genesis 7:2-4, Genesis 41:25-27, Matthew 6:9-13, Matthew 27, Luke 23, John 19, Revelations 2-3

         Seven Bridges is my “go to” trail for introducing people to the wonders of Colorado.  This is the trail that I hike in all four seasons.  This is the trail that is good for kids who count the bridges and for the older folks who are stunned by the beauty.  This is the trail that made my friend’s kids ask, “Who created this?  Did Colorado create this trail for the movies?” 

No. God created this.

That is what I do – Read Books, Drink Tea, Know Things

         There are seven bridges that cross the roaring creek and waterfalls back and forth.  Each bridge has a number on it and each has a special place to view the water there or take a little break.  The dogs are supposed to be on leash, but it is not enforced as long as they behave.  I have lost my dog one time and someone brought him back to us with their bandana around his neck.  

         I have slipped on ice on this trail.  A friend hiked in her flip-flop sandals and flopped down on her tailbone. Painfully.  Take water, protein bar, wear decent shoes – I use my good ankle boots and enjoy the best time hiking and meeting all the friendly people.  There is a long road at the beginning, so use it to acclimate to higher altitude and adjust your speed and allow 1.5-2 hours roundtrip for most people.

         This trip was unique in one way in June 2020 – I have never seen so many people on the trail.  It was Monday morning at 9:30 am and the parking lot and overflow parking were full.  One thing I can say about the pandemic in Colorado – we all want to be outside now that we can.  

 What is your favorite walk or hike?  Do you share it with people?  How does going back to the same place many times build memories for you? 

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