Yampa River Garden

I am not being lazy – I have run out of words for the beauty of this area of Colorado called Steamboat Springs. It is a lasting memory and I want to return there again and again to such magnificent nature. Hopefully, the fires will be out next year, and the smoke will not ruin the smells and sights of a return trip. A picture, in this case, truly is worth a thousand words to describe Steamboat Springs – Yampa River Botanical Park.

God: Earth, sprout green vegetation! Grow all varieties of seed-bearing plants and all sorts of fruit-bearing trees. It happened just as God said. The earth produced vegetation—seed-bearing plants of all varieties and fruit-bearing trees of all sorts. And God saw that His new creation was beautiful and good. Genesis 1:11-12 The Voice

Every garden has a different focus allowing everyone to find something which will complement their home garden. Most plants have labels. Many native plants are featured throughout the Park. The Park is free and open to the public May to October. It serves as a “place of serenity”, as a venue for a summer music festival and theater festival, as a site for weddings and similar events, and a resource for individuals. The Park sits at 6,800 feet above sea level, but through the use of carefully developed microclimates supports plants from the entire Yampa River Basin, which runs from 12,000 feet in the Flattops Wilderness to 4,000 feet where it enters the Green River. source: SteamboatChamber.com

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